Saturday, January 15, 2011

January 2011: $–8,619 (+$2,239)

Bank accounts $15,249
Mutual funds $25,827
Pension savings $1,797
Student loan $–51,491
Net worth $–8,619

Good month. Extra work, low expenses and a good stock market all contributed to a nice jump in net worth. Used extra cash to buy more mutual funds. My student loan is still growing and will do so until May this year. Norwegian student loans have a very low interest rate (currently 3,16 % floating interest), so I don't know if I will pay it back faster than planned (20 years). Saving to buy a house feels more right for me now.


  1. Thanks for the comment, and well done on your progress so far! After reading your blog, I figured I'd join the millionaire's pledge too. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Thanks, Bigchrisb. And welcome to the Million dollar club. I guess you will be one of the first in the club to actually reach $1,000,000! I still have 12-15 years left.